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Hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and others who fly with us will be very well cared for and have their particular creature comforts accommodated all around the world.
There are some special aspects to consider for rodents and other small animal travellers. Our transport experts have more than a decade of experience in such matters and will be happy to offer you competent, professional advice about the preparations you will need to make.

Particularly important issues for travel arrangements involving rodents and other small animals are:
Information about the animal’s current state of health – you should make detailed information available to World-wide Pets Transport specialists in good time
The selection of a suitable and sufficiently spacious transport box for hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits etc. Differences between breeds are very important, and must be taken into account when making a selection. The transport box must be escape-proof and manufactured or modified in accordance with the latest IATA guidelines

For small animals and rodents in transit:
Small animals and rodent animals are not usually allowed to travel as a “pet in cabin”, and so must be transported as cargo
Some rodents must have a constant supply of food
Don’t allow any feed to be used as litter
Certain countries will demand an import authorization
Some countries may insist that the pet owner flies as a passenger on the same flight as the one carrying their pet as cargo
No sedative may be administered to any animal.