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A pick-up and delivery service for your pet: comfortable and friendly door-to-door transport.
Safe and comfortable transports of animals, which is achieved by keeping the animal as calm as possible, requires a high degree of experience, technical knowledge, and professional equipment.
Your pet’s travel comfort is our first priority, and our modern fleet of well-equipped vehicles reflects this primary aim
We use non-promotional Mercedes-Benz AND other special vehicles and other purpose vehicles which, for example, feature custom air-cushioned suspension. This extra stability enables us to safely pick up larger animals from the zoo, or from a private home. To ensure the well-being of animals during transport, a constant optimum temperature inside the vehicle is essential. Our custom vehicles maintain the ideal temperature for each animal we transport, even when the engine is switched off and during any rest periods. This is the only way to make vehicle transport – which is always an unusual experience for any animal – as stress-free as possible.
Even low outdoor temperatures are not a problem for warm-blooded animals, because they are loaded straight on to the aircraft or brought into the airport’s live animal facility before then travelling directly to their destination. Our specially converted and carefully upgraded vehicles are always driven by our most experienced and long-serving employees.

To guarantee absolute safety and security at all times, every transport is monitored via GPS from collection, throughout the flight, and up until the animal arrives at the destination.

Reliability and experience are key factors when it comes to transporting animals, and we are justly proud of the commitment of our long-standing employees, who give their best every day to deliver the animals in their charge to their destination safe and sound.