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When fish or amphibians travel by plane, the wrong kind of transport can be life-threatening. So trust the experts at World-wide Pets Transport.
Flying fish don’t always fly just above the surface of the water, at times they may also have to fly at altitudes of 10,000 km. But there are some important issues to consider when transporting fish and amphibians by air.
World-wide Pets Transport has both the expertise and the necessary experience to handle the transport of fish and amphibians professionally and in a species-appropriate manner.
The import and export of fish and their associated aquarium plants is very specialist undertaking in which it really is essential to work fast, otherwise these marine creatures could literally run out of air during transit.

When shipping fish and amphibians from countries in Asia or South America, it’s very important to prepare proper travel plans. Among other things, these should include the following points:
The commercial invoice must precisely match the packing list/ delivery note
Any export & import CITES documents required must be present
Only approved packaging methods must be used (fish must be put in a plastic bag with water)
A double plastic bag should be used to protect against the risk of leakage
A 48-hour supply of oxygen must be available
A Styrofoam- or cardboard box must be lined with newspaper
An ambient temperature of between + 20C ° and + 23C ° (depending on the species) should be maintained throughout the entire transport
The box should not weigh more than 35 KG
All boxes should be stackable

Always remember: careful preparation is the key to successful travel planning. Please contact us early, so that we can discuss everything in advance in advance and complete all arrangements on time.