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When birds have to make a “scheduled flight”, our specialist team is there to ensure they enjoy a stress-free journey.
Bird transport is a job for experts because, in addition to the basic requirements for professional animal transport, there are a number of additional points which must be borne in mind for the comfort of our feathered friends. These sensitive, freedom-loving creatures really do need optimum (flight) travel conditions in order to arrive at their destination as stress-free as possible and without any consequent damage or injury.

The following points are particularly important as regards planning:
Information about the bird’s current state of health – you should make detailed information available to HappyTailsRelocation’s specialists in good time
The choice of an appropriate and suitably spacious transport box. Birds should always be transported in a “blacked-out” environment, which keeps them quieter and makes their journey more pleasant. The size of the transport box, the position of the perch, and the attachment of feed and water trays, must all be adapted to the requirements of each individual bird. For instance, care must be taken to ensure that sufficient space is allowed for the tail feathers, but there must not be so much space that the buckling of feathers becomes a risk. Every transport box must be made or modified in accordance with the latest IATA guidelines

Other issues relating to travelling birds include:
It is not permissible to keep the whole food supply in the transport box, because receiving countries may have their own conditions or prohibitions in this respect
Certain countries will demand an import authorization
Some countries may insist that the pet owner flies as a passenger on the same flight as the one carrying their pet as cargo
No sedative may be administered to any animal.

Many birds may also be subject to the requirements of species-protection. Special care must be taken to ensure that are all strictly followed to ensure a smooth, trouble-free journey.
HappyTailsRelocation’s transportation experts can provide you with friendly, calm and competent advice and support in connection with the travel plans for your bird or birds, the selection of the ideal type of transport box, and all other questions. So you can rest assured that your pet will travel safely and comfortably, avoiding issues such as unnecessary waiting times and additional stress for all parties involved.