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We move pets all over the world safely and with the utmost of care and attention to safety, reuniting them with their families.


At World-wide Pets Transport, we offer a wide variety of services, all to ensure your pet arrives safely and comfortably at their destination.

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Our professional team of experienced personnel can take responsibility for planning an entire journey, offering our customers a “door to door” service.
We can advise pet owners in advance on matters such as any official permits which may be required, e.g. the provision of health certificates through to checks under the CITES guidelines, and also offer guidance on the best type of transport box for your pet.


Moving your beloved pets can be emotional and confusing, especially when every country has their own set of rules and regulations. We transport pets anywhere in the world. And whether they’re going to Sydney, Australia or London, UK, we always ensure the process is smooth and seamless for both you and your pet, no matter where you need them to go.

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Being successful in the global economy means understanding new challenges and exercising the foresight and management required to do business on an international scale. To that effect you need strategic coordination and tactical action in the form of organizing clear channels of communication across the entire supply chain along with Technology-based solutions that can also help to streamline, automate and manage it efficiently – from clearer communication to shipment tracking and manufacturing process control.

Being backed by experienced professionals means freedom to experiment and explore and implement new cutting-edge strategies – or simply, bring in out of the box innovative ideas. Be it a small parcel that will not fill a container, over-dimensional machineries, special equipment’s like flat racks / open tops, White Eagle Shipping has handled all. Our team is trained to think from customers’ perspective in-terms of cost effectiveness, timely and accurate documentation process, which ultimately leads to better customer satisfaction.

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Are you looking for a reliable and trusted logistic shipping services? We are here to provide you every kind of transportation wheather you want it through ocean, rail freight, road or by air. To know more about our services and costing to place your shipping, fill this form below!


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    Take out time to read through some of our clients tesmonials...

    Nicholas Anderson

    From start to finish, Janice and team were supremely helpful and professional and walked me through every step of the way in helping get my boy to New Zealand. I would not trust just anyone to handle my boy’s care, and the job they did from the first phone call, all the way through to delivery in New Zealand, was nothing short of amazing!!! 5 STARS 10 if there were such a thing!!!

    Michelle Newman

    I can’t recommend World-wide Pets Transport enough!! Working with them was a dream. They were on top of every step of the process. Constantly dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. There are so many moving parts, and especially with the ongoing flight cancellations, it was a dream to have them on top of everything. As an anxious dog mum, I was constantly frantic and whenever I reached out to Lex, my designated agent, she was always so calming and put my mind at ease.

    Joey Rivera

    World-wide Pets Transport went above and beyond transporting my vivacious miniature labradoodle from Denver USA to Sydney Australia with tremendous care. Their ‘make it happen’ attitude and passionate understanding that Charlie is not just an animal, she is family blew me away. I received consistent and heart-warming updates during the current state of the world, flight delays, and personal workplace uncertainties. Despite the adversity, they juggled the constrains of veterinary protocols with love, compassion, and uttermost professionalism. World-wide Pets Transport, thank you.